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2021/22 Season


Films are shown in the Malt Hall or the Gates Hall  at the Lymington Community Centre. Doors open 30mins before the show and refreshments are available.

LFS Membership costs £26.50 (entry to all 8 films). LFS members must also be members of the Lymington Centre (Enquiries on 01590 672337)

Alternatively tickets are available for each film at £7.00 on the door, £6.00 for Lymington Centre members. (On the door prices are subject to change. They will match the charges for the weekly films at the Malt Hall cinema)


Well, another season is over. Covid 19 made a bit of a mess of the start of the season, and has affected even the last few showings. Numbers have been well down, with numbers in the low 20s a against the high 30s or even more that we enjoyed in those high and far off days before the pandemic. But those who did come are still enjoying the films, and appreciating the opportunity to see films that (generally) don’t make it to the TV, with a group of fellow film lovers.

SHOWING AT THE MALT CINEMA. Following a heartfelt discussion at the AGM we decided to experiment by showing our last film this season, Minari, in the Malt Cinema. Our recent low audience figures are a concern, but the benefit is that we should be able to all see the sub-titles in the Malt, so we decided to give it a go. Unfortunately there were logistical issues so we ended up in our old faithful Gates Hall. However, we are determined to try again next Season

MOVING THE DAY TO MONDAY. Another decision taken at the AGM was to move from Sunday to Monday for the next season. We know that there are people who would like to come but need their quiet Sunday evenings to prepare for the week ahead. The mainstream cinema at the Malt Hall does not have a showing on Monday, so it’s a good choice and we’ll see how it goes.

NEXT SEASON’S PROGRAMME. As usual, your committee will meet over Summer to hammer out a programme of 8 films. This year has been promising for foreign language films so we should have a great season starting in October. See you then.

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